Genetic Code Chess

The game consists of four nucleotides “A”, “U”, “G” and “C”. Each player gets two sets of these nucleotides. “A”, “U”, “G” and “C” move like Rook, Knight, Bishop, and Queen chess pieces respectively.

The pieces are placed at the ends of the board as shown:
genetic-code-chess-3 (3)
“AUG” is the start codon. “UGA”, “UAG” and “UAA” are the stop codons. The game starts with a toss deciding the first player. Each player takes chances to move their pieces. Making a start codon with two of your pieces (and an opponent’s piece) or a stop codon with two of the opponent’s pieces (and one from yours) fetches you a point. The pieces forming a codon are removed from the board and the game is resumed.
The player with maximum points wins.
Created by Monsoon School 2017 participants:

Gaurav Gunjal
Abhijeet Katte
Viswa Virinchi
Sarthak Satpathy
Ravi Vishwakarma

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