This game is called Immunopoly, but it is inspired mostly by Exploding Kittens, with elements from Uno. It is, in its essence, a card game to be played in groups; with 6-7 players, it takes about 30-40 minutes. The idea is that individuals playing the game are going to be knocked out by ‘diseases’ if unable to combat them, and the last surviving person is the winner.

We start with introducing you to the types of cards that are going to be used.


  • Disease cards:
    a) Lethal cards
    b) Non-lethal disease cards (level 1, 2, 3)
  • Resource cards:
    a) Hospital card
    b) Medicine card (level 1, 2)
    c) Immunity card


  • Action cards:
    a) Shuffle
    b) Reverse
    c) Skip
    d) Draw two
    e) Carrier
    f) Poop


Each person starts with one Immunity Card, two medicine cards (one each of level 1 and 2), and one hospital card. The remaining cards (with exactly one more Immunity Card) is placed in the deck, from which the players draw one card. The players hide all cards, except disease cards which must be placed in front, in full view of the other players.

The immunity card is the most powerful card in the game, it being the sole card that can undo the effect of a lethal card. A player is killed if faced with a lethal card; he/she can nullify it with an immunity card, or prolong his/her life for two further rounds by using a hospital card. A player may also be killed by non-lethal diseases if the sum of the levels of the diseases exceeds 4. In that case, the player can choose to use medicine cards to reduce combat it, or use a hospital card to get rid of all diseases and lose a turn. In the face of two lethal cards, however, a player cannot prolong his/her life with hospital cards.  When killed, a player can choose to place the card at any point in the deck without showing it to others.

The action cards are pretty straightforward. The shuffle card can be used to shuffle the deck before drawing, the reverse card is used to reverse the direction of progress, the skip card is used to skip a turn, the draw two can be used by a player to make any player (including the self) to draw two cards. The carrier card is used to move a non-lethal disease to someone else’s hand, and the poop card, if drawn, leads the player to lose a turn.

Immunopoly-2 (2)

Created by Monsoon School participants:

  • Sabyasachi Basu
  • Shashank Kamdar
  • Sujay Manoj Paranjape
  • Animish Nilesh Vaze
  • Arabind Swain
  • Devishi Kesar

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