This is a 2 player card game in which humans are pitted against diseases. To play, you need a normal deck of 52 cards and a set of special cards for Resistance.

Resistance cards:
The red cards are for diseases, and the black cards are for humans.
Each player starts with a set of 10 cards ( which he can see ) whereas the remaining 16 are set down as a separate ‘reserve’ deck for each player, face down.
The value on each of these cards is a measure of the energy levels which the species possesses. A bacteria possesses energy to resist humans, whereas humans possess money and resources to carry on research in their fight against the bacteria.
Game play:
The game is a sequence of moves in which both players draw one card from their hand and set it face down. Then both cards are revealed, and the one with the lower value is added to an ‘immunity’ deck ( which is face down ) of the player with the opposite colour, whereas the higher value goes to the expended or ‘trash’ pile.
In other words, the player with the higher value expended their energy to gain immunity from the other player. Note that if both cards are revealed to have the same value they are both expended.
The strategy here is to minimise the difference in the value of these cards so that one expends minimum energy to gain as much immunity as possible.
After every 3 moves, both players pick 3 cards from their respective reserve decks and one from the special cards deck.
Special cards:
Attack card: This is a card with which a player, before a turn, can challenge the other to compare their immunities. If the other player has lesser immunity than you, then he has to expend twice of the difference in the immunities ( from his hand and if those are finished, from the reserve deck).  If the other does not have enough immunity to pay this, he loses. However, if you turn out to have lower immunity, you have to pay twice the difference.
Defence card: A player can block an attack if he does not want to expend his energy.
Boost cards: A human boost if picked up by the human player has a value which is added in the calculation of his immunity. Boost cards are kept in the hand of a player. A Bacteria boost if picked by a human becomes a negative in the calculation of his immunity ( immunity is calculated taking into consideration these boost cards and the immunity deck ).
If a player runs out of total energy at any point of time in his hand, he can pick up a card from his reserve deck. If even those are finished, then he loses the game. If both players run out of energy, then their final immunities are counted to decide the winner.
The Game is afoot!



Created by Monsoon School 2017 participants:

  • Aabir Kar
  • Aditya Adhikary
  • Shraddha Agrawal
  • Satyam Mohla
  • Manu Saraswat



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